We're More Than a Natural Deodorant, Here's Why

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A Natural Deodorant That Worked Was Our Goal

We originally set out to create a natural and organic topical deodorant that actually worked after every natural deodorant we tried just..well…didn't hold up. That's when the lightbulb clicked. We didn’t want to mask odors, we wanted to eliminate them from the inside. After months of studying and analyzing how odor is produced by our bodies, It Just Works was created. Using a combination of powerful ingredients, including our star ingredient and superfood Chlorophyll, It Just Works helps to absorb toxins from inside of the body before they are excreted through the skin and breath! Now that we had our miracle capsule formulated, it was time to test it on 100 test participants.

Smelling is Believing 

The results were insanely impressive with 100% of participants reporting a reduction in underarm odor (as we anticipated) but that's not all...participants also stated a reduction in breath odor, vaginal odor and foot odor! Our minds were officially blown, not only do we have a capsule that works to eliminate underarm odor (our initial goal) but we also have a product that can eliminate ALL other body odors as well! 


Miracle Capsule is Born

Okay, so now we have a capsule that works to eliminate underarm odor, breath odor, vaginal odor and foot odor. That's amazing right!? WELL THERE'S MORE. It Just Works may also provide additional AMAZING health benefits as well. Chlorophyll has an endless list of health benefits and here's just a few: studies show it may help to reduce inflammation, fight carcinogens, boost weight loss and immune system etc.


How we Reinvented Deodorant

It Just Works is a revolutionary deodorizing supplement that helps to eliminate ALL body odors from within before they can be excreted thru the breath and skin, including underarm odor, breath odor, vaginal odor, and foot odor. It Just Works proprietary mix of organic, non toxic ingredients may also provide additional health benefits such as reduced inflammation, liver detoxification and more.

Proud to Change Lives

We are proud and honored to be changing lives one capsule at a time. Testimonials keep flooding in that remind us why we started this journey. Feeling self conscious and stinky around colleagues, partners and friends is a thing of the past with It Just Works body deodorizing supplement. We want all women and men to feel confident and odor-free so they can take on their day with one less worry. It Just Works is a natural deodorant that actually works by helping to eliminate ALL body odors from within. Just one capsule a day will leave you with tip to toe freshness for 24 hours. Smelling is believing. 




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