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What is Keto Crotch?

Although going on the Keto diet can be fabulous for weight loss, it can also cause not so sweet smelling odors down below.

Ketosis can cause breath, urine, sweat and everything else that comes out of the body to have a strong odor that some have described as "fishy" or "metallic smelling". The people in your life will most likely be able to smell this new diet on you.

According to Women’s Health, some women actively on the keto diet noticed that their vaginas had a more distinct smell. The specific term “Keto Crotch” was discovered after women were desperately posting for help on Reddit on how to stop the smelliness they were experiencing!

Gynecologist  Dr. Jessica Shepherd  told Women’s Health  that any diet (including the keto diet) has the ability to change a woman’s vaginal pH, which can then lead to a stronger unpleasant smell. 

So the question everyone wants to know is:

What can you do to combat vaginal odors whether from the Keto Diet or anything else?

1. Shower or bathe regularly

2. Drink plenty of water

3. Take 1-2 capsules of It Just Works a day. 


Why It Just Works?

Unlike topical deodorants, intimate washes, powders, breath mints etc. It Just Works body deodorizing supplements do not mask body odors, it works to eliminate them!

Our remarkable formula will gently cleanse the body from within helping to detoxify, improve health, well-being and confidence. Fresher smelling breath, Underarms,  and Vagina is all possible with just one capsule a day.

It Just Works is a revolutionary internal non-toxic deodorant that works from within to help remove body odor naturally and effectively giving you complete body freshness from tip-to-toe and everywhere in between.

Even the best natural deodorants will only take us so far but It Just Works body deodorizing supplement works to eliminate body odors at the source. 

We are proud to say we have made the MUST HAVE list for many women and men on the keto diet! 

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  • Janie

    Is this just for women or can I give it to my husband and teenage son also

  • Porsha Gay

    Worked for me after a week of taking one pill a day… I always battled with must… I no longer have to worry about sweating my deodorant off and the stench being stuck in the arm pit of my shirts 😭

  • Maria Malone


  • angelique foy

    Intrigued to try x

  • Mary Field

    Its just what it says " It Just Works"

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