3 Fragrance alternatives to smell intoxicating

You might be skeptical about the erotic power of naturally derived plants, herbs, and foods—all ingredients that form the basis of fragrances on the market today. But if you consider the fact that desire starts in the brain, it makes sense that there are definite neurological responses to natural scents. The following scents have been used for centuries & are well known to give off a beautiful scent. 


Natural scent to smell intoxicating

  1. Jasmine - proven to increase alertness and improve mood. In Hindu and Muslim traditions, jasmine is known as the "perfume of love." This scent is claimed to be one of the strongest aphrodisiacs out there. It comes off as a sweet and delicate floral scent. 

  1.  Rose - natural relaxant, rose oil may also lower inhibition which makes it perfect for unleashing the pleasure principle. Rose is a velvety, pungent floral scent.

  1. Amberette - is one of the most on-trend scents on the market. A complex scent ambery, sweet, musky, with a fruity facet between pear notes.

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