Meet the Founder

"I set out three years ago to create a natural deodorant that would hold up like the toxic chemical versions. After trying almost every natural deodorant on the market, all were disappointing and either didn’t work for me or gave me a painful rash. Batch after batch of versions that I worked on with my formulator offered pretty much the same results as the ones that were already available. After a yearlong struggle to develop the perfect deodorant and in a moment of frustration, I declared that I wish there was something non toxic that we could simply take daily that would do the trick. That is how It Just Works internal body deodorizer came to be.

I set out to research deeply studied ingredients that were proven to provide purification and odor control. I consulted with physicians, pharmacists and homeopaths and after two years of formulating, we created the perfect mix of organic herbs and ingredients that really work! One capsule a day helps to deodorize the entire body for 24 hours.

When our consumer trials started is when we learned that the benefits went way beyond controlling underarm odor like traditional deodorants. Our test participants starting reporting back to us that they noticed there was no longer a certain scent 'down below' as well as improved breath, sweat and foot odor. When 100% of our test subjects reported a significant decrease in body odor, we knew we had done what seemed like the impossible and created the solution to body odor. We were then ready to revolutionize the natural deodorant category with It Just Works!”

-Dawn Watts, Founder and CEO of It Just Works