3 ways to prep your vagina for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day is around the corner and if the option of intimacy is on the table for you, we have 3 tips to making your lady parts ready for action baby!


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1. Bathe before you shave

Steaming your vagina, or taking a nice hot bath before bathing is going to help prevent any ingrown hairs, irritation or clogged pores! If you opt for steaming, simply boil a pot of water, pour it into a bowl, place the bowl inside the toilet and sit back and relax! Place a towel over you so you can keep as much steam & heat in as possible.


2. Double up on your It Just Works Deodorizing Supplement

Our full body deodorizing supplement is clinically proven to reduce underarm AND vaginal odors! So double up to ensure you get rid of all the funk down there so you can spread eagle with confidence. Also, because of the superfood greens our formula even makes it "taste amazing" down there too! Checkout some of our verified reviews, we can't make this up! Happy partners everywhere lol


3. Bring on the fat

Did you know fatty, omega rich foods can actually help increase vaginal lubrication and increase blood flow? Yes please!!! Some foods include fatty fish such as salmon or tuna, avocados, or you can even take a supplement form. 


Cheers to getting naughty xo 




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