5 Reasons to NEVER use toxic deodorant


5 reasons to never use toxic or drug store deodorant


Let’s break down what the awful chemicals in traditional deodorant are and why you need to stay FAR away from them! 

  1. Aluminum is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. 
  2. Propylene Glycol can damage your heart and the central nervous system. 
  3. Triclosan is an antibacterial that is linked to skin irritation, antibiotic resistance, thyroid problems and allergies. 
  4. Paragons are also known to cause hormonal imbalance, organ toxicity, and birth defects. 
  5. Fragrances - You really do not want fragrances in your deodorant or any other beauty product for that matter. Companies are not required to list the origin of the “fragrance.”

Let’s stop putting these chemicals on our bodies & start being mindful of what’s inside our deodorants. 

It Just Works is a revolutionary internal non-toxic deodorant that works from within to help remove body odor naturally and effectively giving you complete body freshness from tip-to-toe and everywhere in between.

Even the best natural deodorants will only take us so far but It Just Works body deodorizing supplement works to eliminate body odors at the source.

*Clinically proven to eliminate underarm & vaginal odors up to 100%*

Who knew there was a deodorant formula available that combats unwanted odor, positive impact on your hormones, vaginal health, digestion and overall sense of wellness?

So are you ready to ditch your drugstore deodorant for good & switch to “It Just Works”? You’ll be SO glad you did.

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