Detoxifying Matcha Latte

Detoxifying Matcha Latte

Do you have a favorite spring/summer coffee drink? Next to cold brew coffee, an iced matcha latte is my go-to spring/summer drink. It’s so refreshing & has the right amount of sweetness! 

I’ve learned that making your own at home is such a breeze and a great way to save some money. 

This iced matcha latte recipe is creamy, refreshing, and detoxifying with the added touch of our deodorant supplement sprinkled on top. A great way to start the day or enjoy a midday pick-me-up!

Detoxifying Matcha Latte, Cleansing, Caffeine


  • 12 oz Milk of choice (our favorite is oat or almond!) 
  • 2 tsp organic matcha powder
  • 2 tsp Organic Vanilla Extract or honey
  • 1cup ice
  • it just works deodorant capsule




To the bowl, add hot water, matcha powder, and vanilla or honey. Blend for 30 seconds to 1 minute or until the matcha is lump free. Pour into a cup of ice! Froth your milk on the side & add ontop! Grab your deodorant capsule pop it open & sprinkle ontop to add some extra health benefits! 


We wanted to share our favorite matcha latte recipe & how we add in our deodorant capsule in to add in some extra health benefits ! 

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