The Ultimate Guide to Vaginal Wellness

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginal Wellness 


Here are our 5 favorites to maintaining optimal vaginal hygiene & wellness! 


1. Pact Organic Cotton Underwear

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We need to let our vagina breathe! Organic cotton underwear is where it’s at. It is so important to let your vagina breathe & allow some air flow! We all wear tight thongs & tight leggings all day that night time is so important to allow your girl to be free at some point during the day. Pact is our favorite brand!


2. Fur Oil for Hydration and Prevent Ingrown Hair

Fur Oil

Pubic hair is so important to regularly groom & keep maintained ! Shaving pubic hair can result in razor burn or painful ingrown hairs. We love to use Fur Oil  in order to keep skin nice and smooth after shaving ! 


3. June Menstrual Cup

The Original June Menstrual Cup - Purple Small

Aunt flow is in town!!! We never had the education to learn more about tampons & yes they absorb blood, but they also absorb other important Vaginal fluids that are present! This may cause a disturbance in your vaginal pH or the healthy bacteria that should be there. The menstrual cup catches blood but doesn’t disturb anything within the Vaginal canals! Our favorite menstrual cup is the June Menstrual Cup because it is made with no synthetic fibers, no harsh chemicals & pH Balanced! 


4. Full Body Deodorizing Supplement to purify & deodorize

Our powerful, all-natural proprietary formula gently helps cleanse the body from within by working to absorb the toxins in your system before they are excreted through the skin and breath. Our full body deodorant  is clinically proven to reduce underarm & vaginal odors which helps with a routine of vaginal wellness!  


5. Tabu Non Toxic Lube

Organic Lube is amazing, especially taking any sex to the next level for everyone involved. But, there are some ingredients that aren’t very healthy for your body that are inside of the lubricant. We usually like to opt for organic lubes that have very minimal ingredients in them! For example, coconut oil or our favorite Tabu!

Let us know your favorite in the comments!

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    Very interesting information about various products, but what is that top picture? I cannot figure out what or who it is supposed to be showing?? Intrigued

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