Top foods to tame bloat

Feeling bloated? It truly happens to the best of us. As we know what you eat or drink can affect bloating and other digestive problems.

Fortunately, many ingredients found in vegetables such as chlorophyll have been shown to prevent or keep the bloating at bay. 


Top foods to tame bloat

Here are a few vegetables that help with excess bloating: 












Most of those veggies are made up of Chlorophyll which is what makes our veggies have that green color & provides tons of health benefits for us!  


Chlorophyll is a main ingredient in these vegetables & has amazing digestive properties which is amazing for our gut! It can help with digestion by increasing the good bacteria in your digestive tract. By having a healthy gut this helps with digestion which then helps with less bloating/gas.


Our capsule has 200g of chlorophyll which is like drinking an entire green juice or eating a big green salad in just one little capsule! Our capsule is known to not only detox your body but also help with good bacteria in the gut & help tame bloating ! 

Thank you for reading & we hope this helped!


  • Kimberly Brinkman

    Hi I was just reading your information on bloating. I have Crohn’s disease and bloating is my biggest complaint. Just looking for information on solutions for bloating.

  • onalina

    this has helped me so much! thank you, i’ve been eating what you guys said and my bloating hasn’t been happening so much anymore!!

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