All about Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the green molecule found in plants that absorbs sunlight during photosynthesis and converts it to energy. For hundreds of years Chlorophyll has been studied for it's extraordinary health benefits.

Plant Chlorophyll vs. Human Red Blood Cells

Chlorophyll fascinatingly resembles the red blood cells of humans. Hemoglobin is the pigment that gives our blood its red color, as well as its function of oxygenating the blood. Both human hemoglobin and Chlorophyll are nearly identical in molecular structure, the only difference being the very center atom. In addition to their molecular similarities, Chlorophyll and hemoglobin may perform additional processes that help with blood detoxification, odor control, wound healing, gut health, energy, immune system support and cancer prevention!

Chlorophyll Benefits


Chlorophyll directly aids in the detoxification process of the body. By increasing oxygenation and promoting healthy blood flow, this assists in removing impurities and toxins, strengthening our immune system, increasing energy, alkalizing the body and balancing pH levels.

Antioxidant Rich

One of Chlorophyll's roles is to protect plants against UV damage from the sun, making it a wonderful source of antioxidants, essential vitamins, and powerful nutrients. Add Cancer fighting/preventing research.

Powerful Odor Control

Researchers have studied chlorophyll as a deodorant for hundreds of years! According to Medical News Today, "A study published in 1960 suggested that chlorophyll may reduce odors for people who have had a colostomy." Also, "A 1980 study noted that chlorophyll improved lower body odor in older adults living in nursing homes.

What the Experts Say

“The potential benefits of chlorophyll include improving health, boosting energy, and fighting illnesses.”

Medical News Today

Environmental pollutants such as toxic metals can quickly destroy health. Chlorophyll binds with toxic metals to hamper absorption, and research has shown it can do the same with some carcinogens. A crossover study with 4 human volunteers tested chlorophyll’s ability to remove ingested aflatoxin, a known carcinogen. Each volunteer received three servings of the aflatoxin, followed with a meal, the latter two included a tablet of chlorophyll. The results showed rapid elimination with 95% evacuated within 24 hours.

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